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Do The Due Diligence UV Light Comparison Test

The American-Lights UV Air Cleansing System is the # 1 selling ultraviolet light air cleaner on the market for many reasons. We proudly list our strengths and challenge you to compare our UV light and the ENHANCE-IT team to any and all competition. We are confident that after you have done your due diligence, compared and totaled up the scoreboard, you will understand why we are # 1.  And why Manufacturers Representatives, Distributors, Associations, Contractors, Property Managers, Architects, Builders, and Engineers have selected the ENHANCE-IT team to be their UV Partner!


American-Lights Home UV Air Cleaner

Competitor Winner
    You will most likely find: American-Lights Competitor
Strength of Bulb  12W UVC, 36W electrical
High Output 800 W / cm per second @ 1 foot distance
They don't provide you with the precise information
Bulb Life 1 to 3 Years 1  Year
Warranty 5 Years Limited or 1Year
Certification UL Certification on the Ballast None, pending, partial
Ease of Installation Easy - 15 minutes Difficult
Ease of Bulb replacement Easy - less than 5 minutes More than 5 minutes
Location of Installation Anywhere in the HVAC system Limited per model
Application 90% of all systems work as both hot and cold Cathode Temperature range 35-135 degrees  
Manufacturer(s) Experience in UV 47 years Less than 5 years
Manufacturer(s) Annual Sales of UV Over 25 million dollars Less than 1 million dollars
Manufacturer(s) Total Sales of UV Over 1/4 billion dollars Less than 5 million dollars
Number of Models to inventory One More than 1 - an inventory nightmare
Number of Bulbs to inventory One More than 1
Not needed additional features None Features that drive the cost up
Optional Service Timer Yes No
Optional Power Enhancements Aluminum Diamond Plate None
Number of Units Sold Over 35,000 Less than 5,000
Number of Engineers to assist custom jobs Over 4 None
Variable Quotes Free Quotes with variable designs to support customer needs and budget Limited
CAD Engineering Drawings and Instructions Available None
Focus UV is all we do A sideline enterprise
Service Knowledgeable, Toll Free Support, next day shipping  Limited
Scope of Work Any facility on planet earth and more - we can handle any job Limited

Note: Claims for intensity or power of UV units without stating the distance from the lamp are meaningless since the power of UV diminishes with the growing distance from the UV lamp.

The Winner
American-Lights Competitor

You can see, the ENHANCE-IT Team and the American-Lights UV Air Cleaner is the CLEAR choice in UV technology!


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