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The Northern Lights/ American-Lights® Air Cleansing System is clearly the superior answer in residential and light commercial settings...
Meredith Stines, President AU

Addition of Sporicidin Disinfectant to the Product Line , September 2005

American Air & Water, Inc. Announces the Addition of Sporicidin Sterilizing Solution and Disinfectants to Its Product Line

Sporicidin® is used in a variety of applications, including mold remediation for commercial and residential buildings, cleaning HVAC air ducts, sewage cleanup, water and flood damage restoration, decontaminating and deodorizing carpet, upholstery, furniture, books and art (kills the microorganisms that cause odors), misting and dust suppression, disinfection of instruments, equipment and surfaces in hospitals, medical and dental offices and pharmaceutical clean rooms. Sporicidin® has been the medical disinfectant of choice since 1978.

Sporicidin® is low-toxic, non-corrosive and safe for use on wood, glass, tile, rubber, vinyl, plastics and metals. Sporicidin® products are registered by the EPA. Sporicidin products were the first liquid germicides to receive FDA 510(k) clearances for disinfection of medical devices. Sporicidin infection control products are used by medical and dental professionals in hospitals, clinics, blood banks and medical, dental and veterinary offices.

Sporicidin provides 100% kill of pathogenic and odor-causing organisms.

American Air & Water, Inc. is a manufacturer of the American-Lights® UV Air Cleaner with a nationwide network of authorized HVAC contractors who carry our product. American-Lights® is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office under U.S. Trademark Registration No: 2,839,201. The proprietary UV lamp is patented as U.S. Patent 4,700,101.

The high output UV fixtures are in compliance with the GSA Public Buildings Standards and have been provided to government facilities, various educational institutions, hospitals and bio-research laboratories. UV water treatment systems and UV lamps are also available.

American Air & Water, Inc. is a member of the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA), the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) and the International Facility Management Association (IFMA).

Call 843-785-8699 for more information.

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Hospital Engineering and Facilities Management 2004 Congress Invitation, October 2003

American Air & Water™, Inc. received an invitation to participate in the Hospital Engineering and Facilities Management 2004 Congress.

American Air & Water, Inc. is considering a presentation to the Members of International Federation of Hospital Engineering and attendees at the 18th IFHE congress in July 2004 (This event will be held in conjunction with ASHE's 41st Annual Conference and Technical Exhibition)

Today indoor air quality has become a global environmental issue. Within Hospitals indoor air quality plays a significant role in the treatment, recovery and convalescence of patients. While the mere presence of bacteria within this environment is not cause for alarm, control of bacterial levels is critical in minimizing the potential for detrimental health effects. In response organizations like ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers) has created new standards for building operations, which are being incorporated into local building codes for hospitals worldwide. Hospital Engineering and Facilities Management will discuss effective and diligent HVAC and refrigeration design solutions and maintenance programs for the healthcare sector. This will include

Special focus on:

  • Trends and developments in hospital indoor air quality

  • The impact of construction and re-engineering projects upon hospital indoor air quality

  • Airborne fungal and airborne inorganic particulate contaminants

  • Ultraviolet technology (UVC)

  • Air filtration / purification systems

  • Microbial testing

  • Advances in AC duct cleaning

  • Asbestos abatement

  • Mold remediation

  • Allergy and odor control

  • Negative and positive pressure isolation rooms (operating rooms, theatre, intensive care wards)

  • Contamination control for ceiling cavity access and wall access

  • Anterooms for construction and re-engineering projects

  • Anti-microbial coating technology

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) risk assessment

  • ASHRAE, CDC, EPA, EU, OSHA, NADCA & JCAHO regulatory compliance

Industry experts include:

Roy Aitken, President, Institute of Hospital Engineering, Australia (IHEA)
Steve Drinkrow, Vice President, International Federation of Hospital Engineering (IFHE)
Don Garrison, Chief of Facilities Management, Franklin Community Health
Prof Dr.Ing Christoph Hartung, President, Scientific Society of Hospital Engineering (WGKT)
Erik Hoibjelke, President, Norwegian Federation of Hospital Engineering (FSTL)
Bill H McCully, President, American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE)
Yasushi Nagasawa, IFHE Council Member, and Professor, Dept. of Architecture, University of Tokyo
Don Spielmacher, President, Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES)
Peter Wearmouth, President, Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM)
Dr Raymond Chinn, Member, Healthcare Infection Control Practises Advisory Committee (HICPAC), Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

Proposed Distribution:

15,000 individual members of the IFHE will receive the Hospital Engineering and Facilities Management 2004 report and CD-ROM, distributed in January 2004 by name and job title directly to C-level execs (CEOs, COOs), Chief hospital administrators, Group purchasing organisations, Facilities managers, Directors of estates, Capital planning directors, Construction managers, Systems Engineers, HVAC engineers, IAQ consultants, Heads of Epidemiology, Disease control consultants, Infectious disease physicians, Hospital and maintenance engineers & Health & safety officers who are members of their local hospital engineering associations in the following countries: USA (American Society for Healthcare Engineering), Canada (CHES), UK (IHEEM), Germany (WGKT / FKT), Japan (HEAJ), Netherlands (NVTG), Spain, Australia, Italy, France, Denmark (FDS), Sweden, Indonesia, South Africa, Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Israel, Russia, Belgium, Brazil, Uganda and Finland.

Hospital Engineering and Facilities Management is the official publication of the 18th IFHE International congress held in Florida in July 2004. All delegates at the IFHE congress will receive a copy of this publication. This event will be held in conjunction with ASHE's 41st Annual Conference and Technical Exhibition.

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Sidebar: National Mold Legislation May Be Next

WASHINGTON, DC — The word going around Capitol Hill these days is that “Mold is gold.”

That’s what Katherine Gardner, director of special projects for Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), has been hearing. Lawyers have found an issue that has the potential to generate huge awards in court for plaintiffs with mold problems and possibly create an enormous headache for contractors.

At the Campaign for Quality Construction, National Issues Conference, contractors attended meetings with staff members of their Senate and House legislators to discuss face-to-face the issues of importance to them, including permanent estate tax repeal, the need for adequate insurance coverage for losses due to terrorism, changes to the corporate and individual alternative minimum tax, and others. One of those “others” was mold liability.

One of the contractors noted that mold is a serious industry concern, especially since California has adopted state legislation on mold and is attempting to set guidelines, but a definition of threshold limits has yet to be formulated. 

At a meeting with Theresa Lavery, legislative assistant to Representative Joe Barton (R-TX), she told the contractors present that there is no proposed national legislation on this subject right now, but she acknowledged that mold is a growing problem.

The News, however, has learned that mold legislation appears to be on the way on the national level. Representative John Conyers (D-MI) is preparing a bill that he plans to introduce called the “United States Toxic Mold Safety and Protection Act.” The bill will call for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to spell out guidelines on what levels of toxic mold are acceptable and what levels are dangerous.

Staffer Joel Segal told The News, “Representative Conyers will be presenting the bill within three to four weeks.” Details of this proposed mold legislation will be reported in an upcoming issue. 

— Greg Mazurkiewicz 

Publication date: 05/13/2002 

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March 2002, THE UNIFIED GROUP Forms Partnership with Enhance-It, LLC to Benefit Member Companies

The Unified Group, a national network of top-quality heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors who share a commitment to remain independent, has formed a partnership with Enhance-It™, based in Hilton Head, SC, to provide its member-companies with a significant discount on its Northern Lights ® Air Cleansing System.

Enhance-It’s™ Northern Lights ® system utilizes ultraviolet (UV) lights to sterilize microorganisms found within indoor air, thereby reducing or eliminating the presence of mold, germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores in residential and commercial buildings.

“The system is easy to install and maintain, and is highly effective,” said Julie Bishop, executive director of The Unified Group. The lighting unit features one high-output UV bulb which can be installed in minutes, she continued. The only maintenance requirement is an annual bulb replacement. “Our members will now be able to provide their customers with an affordable, dependable and effective product while at the same time reducing their own costs when it comes to the purchase as well as installation and maintenance,” she said.

The Unified Group also has purchasing agreements with Boise Cascade Office Products, Cambridge Engineering, Inc., Koch Filter Corporation, The Trane Company, United Rebuilders, Inc., and W.W. Grainger, Inc.

Officially launched in August 1998, The Unified Group currently has 31 member companies representing over $450 million in revenue. The mission of The Unified Group is to provide shared training opportunities, negotiate purchasing arrangements as a group, pursue national and regional business opportunities, and provide forums for information exchange and sharing of best practices.

To find out more about The Unified Group, contact Enhance-It at 1-843-306-0070.

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Enhance-It™ Teams Up With American Ultraviolet, World Leading Manufacturer Of UV Applications, To Broaden Distribution & Marketing Opportunities.
Hilton Head, SC --- South Carolina-based Enhance-It™, LLC recently announced the formation of a strategic alliance between its company and internationally renowned American Ultraviolet Company.

Enhance-It, a company focused on discovering and delivering products which enhance the quality of life, markets the Northern Lights® Air Cleansing System. The system, which utilizes ultraviolet (UV) light to sterilize microorganisms found within indoor air, reduces or eliminates the presence of molds, germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores in residential and light commercial settings.

Founded in 1960, American Ultraviolet is one of the most experienced manufacturers of UV applications in the United States. Respected worldwide for its extensive expertise, the company manufactures ultraviolet systems for a wide variety of industries and applications.

In the agreement between the two companies, American Ultraviolet will endorse Enhance-It’s Northern Lights Air Cleansing System as “the most affordable, non-custom, duct-mounted, high-output UV light on the market for HVAC contractors to install in residential and light commercial applications.” In addition, Enhance-It has agreed to represent and market American Ultraviolet’s entire line of products.

According to Warren Lynn, president of Enhance-It, “American Ultraviolet’s endorsement of our product underscores its market-leading superiority. Beyond its affordability, our system is simple to install, easy to maintain, is highly effective, carries a lifetime warranty and is fully certified.”

The Northern Lights Air Cleansing System is comprised of a single unit, features a single high output UV bulb, and can be installed within minutes. The only maintenance requirement is annual bulb replacement.

“With the growing popularity of UV air cleansing systems, HVAC contractors aren’t only seeking affordable, dependable and effective products for their customers,” stated Meredith Stines, president of American Ultraviolet, “they’re also looking for ways to decrease their own costs when it comes installation and maintenance.” 

“The Northern Lights Air Cleansing System is clearly the superior answer in residential and light commercial settings,” noted Stines, whose company currently provides ultraviolet applications to the health care, pharmaceutical, water purification, screen printing, bottling, food processing and aerospace industries. “While our company currently carries a higher-end UV light, the addition of Enhance-It’s product to our line will expand our market opportunities.”

“We’re not only excited to receive the endorsement of a world leading UV manufacturer for our product,” stated Lynn, “but with our corporate mission of promoting products designed to enhance the quality of life, we couldn’t be more pleased to represent American Ultraviolet’s broad line of high-quality purification and sterilization products and applications.”

Lynn stated that this agreement would benefit Enhance-It’s HVAC contractor customers because it will allow them to work with American Ultraviolet’s engineers in the servicing of much larger commercial and/or custom applications. “In addition,” he remarked, “American Ultraviolet’s complete spectrum of water purification applications, ranging from small residential units to massive systems for industrial plants, will allow us to market both the best air and the best water purification systems in the business. After all, the two most vital elements of life are clean air and clean water.” 

Lynn added, “By teaming up with American Ultraviolet, we’ll be creating a synergy between our two companies which will allow us both to expand our businesses by broadening the scope of our offerings and intensifying our marketing efforts.”

Enhance-It’s Northern Lights UV Cleanser is certified by Intertek Testing Services, N.A., Inc., a nationally recognized testing laboratory. It is accredited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) under Federal Law 29 CFR 1910.7, with the system certified to all applicable product safety standards. The system bears the ETL Product Safety Certification Mark.

Warren Lynn, President
Enhance-It™, LLC

Meredith C. Stines, President
American Ultraviolet Company

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The Facts About Anthrax Sterilization with UV-C

Click here for UV-C dosage chart

Because of the recent threat of Anthrax and the numerous related deaths stemming from suspicious letters, American Ultraviolet Company has received many inquiries about the nature and effectiveness of UV-C.

Anthrax can be reduced with the use of ultraviolet 254 lamps and fixtures. In fact, when used correctly, these UV-C fixtures will reduce up to 99% of airborne mold, bacteria and other microorganisms including Anthrax spores. 

However, to effectively minimize the danger using ultraviolet light, the Anthrax spores must not be mixed with any other substance. Additionally, the spores must come in direct contact with the UV light.

Ultraviolet fixtures housed within a building’s air ducts would prove quite effective in destroying up to 99% of the threat posed by airborne Anthrax. However, UV light cannot penetrate surfaces and would, therefore, not be an effective countermeasure against Anthrax contained in a package or letter.

American Ultraviolet specializes in products for UV curing, germicidal operations and water disinfecting. In this time of widespread panic we feel it is our duty to help educate the public on the realities of UV-C sterilization against the spread of Anthrax.

Founded in 1960, American Ultraviolet is one of the most experienced manufacturers of UV applications in the U.S. It is headquartered in Lebanon, Indiana and has offices in Murray Hill, New Jersey; Beaufort, South Carolina; Torrance, California; and Romeoville, Illinois.

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December 21, 2001 - This is our response to the FTC: We have basically said the same thing you do, but per your request, we are removing the information on Anthrax.

Warren Lynn, President
Enhance-It, LLC
"Making Your Life Better"
Phone: 1-843-306-0070
Phone: 1-843-785-8699
Fax: 1-843-785-2064



Some properly designed, and well-maintained, UVGI installations have proven highly effective, as in certain hospitals, and some studies performed in schools. CDC guidelines recommend the use of UVGI only with the simultaneous use of HEPA filters and high rates of purge airflow. The germicidal effects can also be species-dependent.

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation,
Penn State University

FTC staff has reviewed marketing claims on your website relating to Anthrax. We remind you that the FTC Act requires that health-related claims, such as claims that an air cleaning device can kill or otherwise eliminate disease causing bacteria or viruses, including anthrax spores, must be supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence at the time the claim is made. In other words, it is against the law to make health claims without scientific support or to exaggerate deceptively the benefits of products or services you are promoting.

According to experts in the field, bacterial spores, including anthrax, are very highly resistant organisms. Research conducted with other forms of bacteria generally cannot be used as a basis for conclusions about the effect of any substance or device upon anthrax spores. In general, if your product has not been tested against anthrax spores (or a scientifically valid and government-approved surrogate), you should not be making claims, expressly or by implication, about protection against anthrax.

You should review all claims that your products may be effective in killing anthrax spores or in any way reducing the risk of anthrax infections. Please notify us in 7 days of any changes made to your website.

Ozone Products

Some air cleaning devices generate ozone. We are aware of no scientific evidence that ozone will have any effect on bacterial spores when the ozone is within the limits set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for medical devices that generate ozone (maximum output of .05 parts per million). Even if higher ozone levels, those not recommended for use in space occupied by people or animals, are generated, there does not appear to be any evidence to support such claims. In addition, higher levels of ozone may cause damage to household items such as wiring, computers, and telephone equipment.

UV Light Products

Other air cleaners may use ultra-violet (UV) light to kill organisms. The potential effect of UV light on bacteria depends upon a number of factors: the wattage of the light, the distance of the organism from the light, and the length of exposure or "dwell time" under the light. Bacterial spores would require a relatively long time under the light for the light to have a killing effect. Most household air cleaners move air too quickly to provide adequate exposure time.

Filtration Devices

Filtration devices are designed to capture particles of a given size. However, the fact that a filter might remove a high percentage of a certain-sized particle, present in air forced through the filter in a laboratory test, does not mean the filter will clean household air to the same extent. The actual effectiveness of an air filter in a home depends upon several factors, including: the amount of air the device can process, the nature of the pollutants present, and the rate at which those pollutants are introduced into the indoor environment. Heavier particles, including anthrax spores, may settle on the floor or other surfaces and not reach the filtration device.

You should be aware that you may also be subject to the jurisdiction of other federal agencies. If your air cleaning or filtration devices purport to kill, trap, inactivate, or suppress growth of microbial agents, such as bacteria, viruses, or fungi, you are subject to the requirements of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and Environmental Protection Agency regulations adopted pursuant to that law. This means that your product must be registered with the EPA before any germ-killing claims can be made for it. In addition, if medical claims are made for an air cleaner or filter, the device becomes a "medical device" subject to the authority of the FDA. You should check with each of these agencies to determine whether your product claims may violate their regulations.

Action Requested

We strongly urge that you review all claims you are making for your product, particularly claims about protection against disease-causing bacteria or viruses, including anthrax. If your claims cannot be supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence – the kind of evidence that would be relied upon by those with adequate training and experience in the field of microbiology – they should be deleted or revised immediately.

FTC investigators have copied and preserved the pages of your online promotional materials and will be revisiting your website soon.

Please notify us via electronic mail to within 7 days of the specific actions you have taken to address the agency's concerns.

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March 19, 2000 - UV lights for cleaner air catching on

Ultraviolet light, the kind of light produced by the sun, is being used in new clean air technology now being marketed on Hilton Head Island. The UV lights are installed in heating and air condition ducts and come in portable units. Some claim the lights help prevent illness and minimize allergies by sterilizing air.

Three local companies are selling the lights: Epperson and Lang's, specializing in heating and air conditioning, and Enhance-It, which sells air and water filters. 

The UV lights work on the same principle as sunlight, which kills viruses, bacteria, molds and other microbes by breaking down their DNA. The air must make direct contact with the bulb.

Since World War II, large UV lights have been used to kill airborne diseases in hospitals and laboratories. In the past five years, the technology has been made smaller and more affordable for residential and commercial use.

Jeff Moorehouse, a University of South Carolina engineering professor who specializes in heating and air conditioning, has studied scientific reports about UV lights as air cleaners. "It's existing technology. UV lights are everywhere - in fish tanks, grow lights and in glue hardener," he said. "The question is not if they work, but how efficiently."

Moorehouse said local scientists should study kill times for the specific microbes living in the Lowcountry. Effectiveness also depends on the power of the light, size of the room and length of exposure. 

Victoria Anderson, loan officer for Lighthouse Mortgage, has a portable light in her office and bulbs in the ducts of of her South Forest Beach villa. She's convinced the lights are good for her. "I think it has improved my allergies to mold and mildew," Anderson said.

Dr. Paul Long of Heritage Medical Center on Hilton Head Island wants the clinic's board of directors to approve the addition of air-conditioner duct UV lights. "I have no reservation about it," he said.

Large heating and air-conditioning companies, including Carrier and Trane, soon will incorporate ultraviolet lights in new units, said Enhance-It president Warren Lynn. "It's going to be in your house sooner or later," he said.

Lynn said he recently attended an international conference on heating and air conditioning in Dallas, where the technology was a topic.

Ben Phipps, service manager for Lang's, said customers are slowly becoming aware of the UV lights, resulting in increased demand. Both Lynn and Phipps said the lights are a partial solution, but not a cure-all, to better indoor air quality.

The UV lights range in price from $499 to $595 installed. The lights need a new bulb every year. The bulbs cost $70 - $100, depending on the strength.

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UV Light Technology Now Available to Consumers For Home Air Purification

December 7, 1999 - Hilton Head Island, SC - South Carolina-based Enhance-It, LLC recently began marketing two new products which employ ultraviolet (UV) light technology to purify air and eliminate germs in consumers' homes. The technology, long proven to be effective and widely used in a variety of commercial settings, has not been available to consumers for home use until a short time ago.

According to the American Lung Association's research, more than 20% of the U.S. population suffers from allergies related to indoor pollutants. While most home filtration systems capture dirt, dust and pollen, they do not remove allergens from the air.

UV light technology, on the other hand, literally sterilizes microorganisms. Because UV light is absorbed by proteins in microorganisms, it inactivates their DNA and prevents the microorganisms from reproducing. In this manner, the technology sterilizes molds, germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores from the air. These airborne contaminants, known as bioaerosols, can cause a variety of illnesses including cold viruses, staph, strep, influenza, measles, chicken pox and many, many more.

According to Warren Lynn, President of Enhance-It, LLC, "It's a known fact that the ultraviolet component of sunlight is the main reason microbes die in the outdoor air. Duplicating the concept, UV Cleanser disinfectants have been used to sterilize germs located indoors for decades. They've been tested and utilized by companies such as General Electric and Westinghouse. Ever since WW II, UV technology has been employed in healthcare settings, labs, clean rooms, commercial buildings, food processing plants, and other environments where' clean air' is critical. Now we're pleased to make this highly effective technology available to consumers to promote healthier living in their own homes."

Enhance-It's products include Northern Lights® UV Cleanser and Northern Lights® 2000. Northern Lights® UV Cleanser is available for installation in consumers' home HVAC systems for $499.00, including the installation fees of a HVAC certified contractor. It is installed at the cold air return of the heating/air conditioning system and includes a lamp that emits UV light. The UV light eliminates or greatly reduces germs and viruses circulated by the HVAC system and provides coverage up to 5000 square feet.

Northern Lights® 2000 is a portable, in-room unit which can be carried from room to room, used when traveling, taken to the office, etc. It retails for $459.00 and operates on the same principle as the installed product and provides coverage up to 1000 cubic feet.

Neither product utilizes chemicals. Both are proven safe and are ETL certified which meets all federal standards. In addition, both products have the capability to reduce frequent cold symptoms, fatigue, depression, frequent headaches, allergy symptoms, constant snoring, nasal congestion, and irritability.

Each Northern Lights® product is available with the optional Enhanced Ozone generation lamp that reduces odors and smoke. The company also carries replacement UV Germicidal Bulbs, which should be changed every 12 months.

Although Enhance-It's Northern Lights® UV Cleanser has only been on the market for approximately 8 months, it is the #1 seller in its product category in the U.S. , Mr. Lynn stated that the reason behind its success, having sold and installed more than 15,000 units, is primarily due to its economical pricing, ease of installation and full compliance with all federal regulations.

The portable Northern Lights® 2000 is brand new. Mr. Lynn also noted, "As far as we know, Northern Lights® 2000 is the only available portable, in-room unit of its kind on the market that is ETL certified, meeting all federal standards. We're excited that we can now offer consumers a choice of products which allow for flexibility of use."

Enhance-It, LLC was recently established as a company dedicated to discovering and marketing products that enhance quality of life. Mr. Lynn stated that each of the company's products carry a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. "We are committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction on all our products and services," he added.

Enhance-It's products are available for purchase by calling 843-306-0070 or via the Internet at Warren Lynn, President of Enhance-it, LLC stated, "It would be remiss of our company not to capitalize on the growing popularity of Internet shopping. As part of our company's commitment to customer satisfaction, we want to make our products easy to purchase, as well as easy to use, as consumers continue to seek out ways to enhance their quality of life."

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