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October 2005, NBC Hot Topic - Bird Flu U.S. not ready for bird flu's worst
September 2005, Sporicidin
We added Sporicidin to our product line
May 2005, New Address
We moved to a new facility. Note the new address
February 2004, Mold Tests Analysis of UV impact on mold
October 2003, 18th IFHE Congress 2004 Invitation UV & Indoor Air Quality
April 2003, Visit the NEW Corporate website
January 2003, Enhance-It™ announces new Business Programs... UV Programs
November 2002, We are on TV UV Show 1 | UV Show 2 | Dial-up UV video
March 2002, Enhance-It™ forms Partnership with The Unified Group...  more
January 2002, Enhance-It™ forms Strategic Alliance with American Ultraviolet...  more

Public Buildings Standards

"Ultraviolet light (C band) emitters/lamps shall be incorporated downstream of all cooling coils and above all drain pans to control airborne and surface microbial growth and transfer. Applied fixtures must be specifically manufactured for this purpose." Read the Full Text


Our company is dedicated to discovering and delivering products which enhance the quality of life.
The ultraviolet light technology featured in our American-Lights® UV Air Cleansers literally sterilizes microorganisms. It reduces or eliminates germs such as molds, viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores from the air your family breathes. UV light has been proven for decades to effectively disinfect air and water. It can help make your family healthier, especially if any of you suffer from allergies or asthma. If you're considering adding an air purification system to your home, make sure you've seen the UV light. You need a good filtration system in your HVAC. However, most filters only capture dirt, dust and pollen. Only UV technology effectively removes microbes from the air.

We are committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction on all our products and services.

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Our Products are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life.

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