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Indoor Air Quality And Your Health

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 10% of all colds are caught outdoors, 90% are caught indoors! We’ve all watched helplessly as a cold virus passed from one member of the family to another. Perhaps you suffer from asthma or allergies and despite desperate attempts to dust more, keep the windows closed, clean your bedding, clothing, carpeting and furniture more frequently, your symptoms still persist.

The EPA tells us that the air inside your home can be up to 70 times more polluted than the outdoor environment. One reason for this is that the duct work in your home is full of airborne germs and their particles and by products. These microbes are alive and thriving inside your furnace or air conditioning system.

These airborne germs adversely affect the air quality in your home as they are blown past the furnace or air conditioning filter and circulated throughout your home.

  What's in Indoor Air

Illnesses Related to
Poor Indoor Air Quality:

• Headaches
• Common Cold and Flu
• Fatigue
• Bronchitis
• Eye Irritation
• Sinus Irritation
• Symptoms of Asthma
• Dizziness
• Skin Irritation
• Respiratory Problems
• Nausea
• Measles
• Chicken Pox
• Legionnaires’ Disease
• Aspergillosis
• Tuberculosis


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